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Wallpaper is once again adding dimention, texture, color and its own
unique personality to our living spaces. 
The possibilities are endless.

If you are thinking about adding a wallpaper feature to your home, I would be happy to discuss your project and help guide you to your final decision. 

Sometimes, even a little information can be usefull.  Every home has its own unique construction style, and whether old or new, the heart of a home is expressed through the people who live there.  We all have different "tastes" when it comes to decor and style, but believe me -

There is a wallpaper for everyone!

Visit my Gallery to view some of the projects I have had the pleasure of installing.

Dining Room Cascade
Dining Room Cascade

Wallquest ST11600 featured in stylized dining room. Hangs seamlessly.

Glamour Galore
Glamour Galore

Stunning Full Wrap in Main Floor Powder Room / Questex DP2-120

Powder Room Perfect
Powder Room Perfect

Hydrangea Floral Full Wrap / prestigious textiles / Sicily / Charcoal / 1936/901